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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Tribute To The "Apple Man"

It is with a sad heart that we publish this post. Yesterday, October 18th, God called home someone very dear to us. My father-in-law Bob Emmett went home to Glory after a rough battle with sickness. Although we know he is now free from pain and rejoicing with the Lord, he will be so greatly missed by many. Not only was he Dad, Father-in-Law & Grandpa to us, he also was one of our biggest fans and supporters of this orchard venture we have taken. He rarely missed a day here throughout the past seven years. He truly loved his family and we felt blessed to be able to spend so much time together. Our children will have lasting memories of the special times they had with him each fall and throughout the rest of the year. I know pie making will not be so sweet without him.
We are thankful to know without a doubt that we will see him again in Heaven someday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter in the Orchard

This is a beautiful time of year in the orchard. This is also the time that we spend each day pruning the trees. Pruning is done when the trees are in their dormant stage. We usually begin at the end of January and work at it until the end of March. It takes us longer than most because we cannot begin until Joe gets home from work each day. With 525 trees this takes awhile! No complaining though! It gives us a good reason to be outside and enjoy the snowy days. After the trees are finished, next comes the not so fun task of picking up all the brush and hauling it out of the orchard! Needless to say, we have one huge bonfire in the summer!
Watch a video of the orchard in the winter.

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Adrienne said...

If you don't mind some tenderfoot green horns coming out, maybe we'll come by some time this winter and help you haul some branches!