Past Projects

Wondering if anything is new this year out here at Emmett's Orchard?  Well, here is what we have been up to in our spare time!
The first big project this year was a wind machine to help fight the frost.  This can be a great tool in the spring to save the crop if the conditions are right.  On warmer days when the trees are blooming and the nights get cold and clear (these are perfect conditions for a radiant frost), the warmer air will be pushed up as the cold air settles close to the ground.  When running, the wind machine will pull the warmer air back down and thus raise the temperature around the trees a few degrees and possibly save the crop.  A few things that cannot happen is wind or major drop in temperature.
Here are some pictures of the project in progress.

Our next project for this year, the Apple Butter House, is still in progress.  Although it won't be finished for this season, we think it will be a fun addition in the future.  Take a look at some pictures and see what you think. 

Come on out and visit us this fall.  We're looking forward to seeing you!


Cindy said...

Wow,Rachelle, you have been busy! Looks exciting.

Emmett's Orchard said...

Thanks Cindy! Never a dull moment around here!